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  • Which Race You will Choose for the Neverwinter New Class Warlock?

    Which race you will choose for D&D Neverwinter new class Warlock in Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons? Scourge Warlock is the new class in Tyranny of Dragons, wield pact blades, wear darkleather armor carry grimoires and has a powerful magic users if you choose it.

  • How about the D&D Neverwinter XBOX One 2015?

    D&D Neverwinter XBOX One is coming! Dungeons & Dragons XBOX One console will start in China this fall, and worldwide release in the first half of 2015, maybe it will have other console versions, such as PS4.

  • Neverwinter Hidden Code Still Works in Wonders of Gond Event

    D&D Neverwinter hidden code still works in Wonders of Gond event, the time of Wonders of Gond start at July 31 and ends at August 4, do not miss it to win a doohikey, epic mount, a temporary doohikey and toy of the mount.