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  • Neverwinter Patch Notes for Powers, Lostmauth Set and Elemental Evil Changes

    Neverwinter Patch notes: NW.60.20160410a.3 is coming to Neverwinter PC, you can know some balance changes for Devoted Cleric, Guardian Fighter, Hunter Ranger, Oathbound Paladin, Scourge Warlock and Trickster Rogue class. In addition to these class changes, the neverwinter powers, Lostmauth Set and Elemental Evil also changed.

  • Dread Enchantment for Control Wizard / Scourge Warlock / Hunter Ranger PVE and PVP

    New weapon enchantment Dread Enchantment is good for Neverwinter Control Wizard, Scourge Warlock and Hunter Ranger in Module 9: The Maze Engine. I believe each of these classes need to seriously consider the Dread Enchantment as one of their better options for a Weapon Enchantment.

  • Free-to-Play D&D Neverwinter Online in Windows 10

    Arcgames Neverwinter team proud to announce a Windows Store version of Neverwinter is coming to Windows 10 for PC gamers. will provide the cheap and safe neverwinter astral diamonds, gold and power leveling for Windows 10 PC and XBOX ONE gamers.