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Amazing! Neverwinter Mod 10: Storm King's Thunder will coming PS4 and XBOX ONE at Octorber 18! Storm King's Thunder will introduce a giant number of new features and content including guild alliances for PlayStation 4, three new adventure zones, a brand new campaign to follow the story, a ne...
Want to deal a decent amount of damage with your neverwinter trickster rogue build, here is the strongest DPS build with Master Infiltrator Saboteur for a Trickster Rogue, you will fun to use it in the game.FeatsWHAT DOES THE SABOTEUR DO?The Saboteur gains a tremendous amount of buffs through his fe...
The Neverwinter PVP Solo Queue test available on PC from 9/8 - 9/15, this test for a week to collect data from matches that happen during this time so help them test this new feature and determine the next steps.According to Neverwinter Unblogged says, the Solo Queue is a must for a competitive envi...
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